Operational Details

Our fully equipped foundry in Windsor, Connecticut, was originally built in the 1950s. Over time, we have dedicated ourselves to improving and expanding our operational space. Capital investment in state-of-the-art equipment has enabled us to maintain a path of growth and continuous improvement.

Metal Casting Foundry Size and Capabilities

The Taylor & Fenn Company foundry is 180,000 square feet large, allowing us to work with metal castings as large as 6,000 pounds. The considerable amount of floor space also provides plenty of room for multiple mold lines, enabling our team to handle high-volume orders quickly and efficiently.

In addition, the facility is ready with an in-house pattern shop where our expert staff can prepare new mold patterns or repair existing patterns. We also store patterns on-site to reduce turnaround time.

All of our ferrous sand casting is supported by a team of metallurgical experts. Every member of our staff, from molders, melters, and pourers to our quality technicians, are trained on-site by experienced metallurgists to ensure consistent product quality.

Additional Casting Services and Support

Our foundry is also equipped to facilitate additional services, such as heat treatments. The Taylor & Fenn Company performs in-house, computer-controlled heat treating. Performing heat treatments right here in the foundry shortens lead times and keeps your production schedule moving quickly. Our experienced melters and pourers are able to perform standard heat treatments on all components, or heat treat components to your custom specifications.

We have the capability to perform x-ray inspections of all components as a part of our quality assurance process. Our production control team will x-ray components and, if a defect is discovered, send the part for repair or recasting. Performing x-ray inspections early in the production process makes for proactive detection and correction of faults or issues.

For fast, high-quality ferrous sand casting of iron and steel equipment, contact the experts at the Taylor & Fenn Company today.

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