Commercial & Industrial Ferrous Sand Casting Services

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Quality Sand Castings in Less Than Five Weeks

At the Taylor & Fenn Company, we set the industry standard for ferrous sand castings with  five-week delivery for iron and steel.

Highest Quality Engineered Sand Cast Components

Equipment OEMs seeking high-quality iron and steel castings choose the Taylor & Fenn Company. Since 1834, our foundry has centered around continuous improvement and dedicated service to better deliver ferrous sand castings with rapid turnaround.

Molten metal pouring from furnace into a commercial sand mold.We are currently equipped to produce ferrous sand castings in a wide range of sizes ranging from one pound to over 6,000 pounds. We provide custom-designed, low-volume ferrous sand castings to clients in a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to:

  • Prototype casting
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Marine technology
  • Aerospace and aviation equipment manufacturing
  • Power generation equipment manufacturing
  • Medical equipment manufacturing

We work with both green sand and chemically bonded sand in flaskless, no-bake molding. For large or complex components, we are equipped to produce large molds—even hefty floor molds for heavyweight equipment. Customers can provide their own custom patterns, or our engineers can provide custom in-house patterns designed to your specification for optimal casting results.

Molten metal is poured into a mold as foundry workers cast commercial parts and industrial components.

Industry Leading Delivery in Five Weeks for Iron and Steel

Our foundry facility features 180,000 square feet of workable space and is located in Windsor, CT. The space includes:

  • Pattern shop
  • Pattern storage
  • In-house heat treating (computer controlled)
  • Metallurgical and sand laboratory
  • Quality assurance
  • Over 50 dedicated employees

We are able to work with more than 100 different grades of iron and steel, including specialty metals such as Ni-Resist and high-chrome irons. Proprietary alloys specified by our customers are also available. Our experienced team can provide you with material selection guidance from trained and certified metallurgical professionals.


For the fastest production of high-quality ferrous sand castings in iron or steel, contact the experts at the Taylor & Fenn Company.

Our delivery sets the industry standard.