sand casting marine and naval equipmentThe Taylor & Fenn Company has decades of experience sand casting marine hardware at the highest quality for use in naval applications. Once assembled and installed aboard a seafaring vessel, marine equipment must perform exactly as it was designed. Equipment failure could be the difference between missions success and mission failure for the ship’s passengers and crew. This is why it is our primary goal to ensure each part we cast meets your specifications for design integrity and material quality.

Ferrous Sand Casting Marine Hardware and Naval Equipment


At Taylor & Fenn, we understand how important it is that your components meet every stringent standard. Our team will work closely with your engineers to make sure we deliver components of the highest-possible quality. Our foundry has a well-rounded staff of expert metallurgists, molders, melters, pourers, and advanced quality technicians who consistently coordinate to produce high-quality marine hardware.

Our team is able to work with your existing patterns and can also develop new patterns as required. The most common materials for marine and naval equipment are:


  • A foundry worker grinds the surface of a cast metal component at Taylor & Fenn.ASTM A395 60-40-18,
  • ASTM A216 WCB
  • ASTM A487 Gr. 4
  • MIL-I-24137/5 Ferritic Ductile Iron\
  • MIL-I-24137/5 Austenitic Ductile Iron.
  • MIL-S-15083B
  • MIL-C-24707/1
  • MIL-S-15083B
  • MIL-C-24707/1
  • MIL-S-867A CL.I
  • MIL-S-867A CL.III


We also have access to more than 100 different grades of iron and steel are also available. You can also request specialty alloys.

Marine & Navy Hardware Applications:


      • Electric motor housings and ancillary cast parts
      • Pump castings
      • Blower castings
      • Hydraulic system castings

Understanding and complying with the specifications for each unique part helps guarantee your parts will perform exactly as intended. Our team understands that people’s lives are often at stake when marine and naval components are built incorrectly. We have the knowledge and experience to interpret your design specifications exactly as intended. Whether the job is as basic as a hatch handle or as complex as a compressor housings, we will take great care to produce each part perfectly.

For more information about ferrous sand casting services for marine and naval hardware, contact us today.