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The Taylor & Fenn Company:

A Longstanding History of Excellence

What We Do

In 1834, Levi Lincoln founded the Taylor & Fenn Company to produce his cast iron faucet for molasses barrels. Since then, the company has grown exponentially and become an efficient ferrous sand casting operation that has withstood the test of time. Our philosophy of continuous improvement has allowed us to adapt to the fluctuating manufacturing industry, maintain relevance, and continue to produce the high-quality products that have made Taylor & Fenn a reliable resource for our customers.

Currently, the Taylor & Fenn Company provides ferrous sand casting of iron and steel components. We work with more than 100 different grades of iron and steel, including specialty metals such as high-chrome irons. We serve over 100 customers across America and Europe, producing complex components for compressors, turbines, valves, power generation equipment, computer technology, and more.

Our dedication to providing fast, high-quality ferrous sand castings has enabled us to develop cutting-edge operations and technologies that reduce cycle time and waste. We set the industry standard of delivery lead times in as little as five weeks. For quick delivery of precise, custom-engineered ferrous sand castings for iron and steel components, there is no better choice than the Taylor & Fenn Company.

Our Core Values

We strive to consistently embody the core values upon which this company was founded. Committing to these values has allowed us to develop a workforce that provides exceptional work with results you can count on.

  • SafetyWorking in a foundry comes with a certain recognition of danger. Our philosophy is that employees should leave the same way they arrive. We take careful precautions to avoid accidents and every procedure is carefully structured and documented in a way that will prevent accidents. We put the safety of our clients and personnel above all else.

  • Integrity – Transparent communication with customers and employees helps build valuable, trusting relationships. At Taylor & Fenn, it is our goal to provide open and honest customer service that will uphold our dependability and help achieve your expectations.

  • Teamplayer – Our team of employees is built from exceptional individuals who prioritize team success over personal glory. Ferrous casting is a process with multiple stages; the individuals overseeing each stage must be able to guarantee optimal quality while supporting all other team members.

  • Thirst for Knowledge – We put a heavy focus on continuous improvement and encouraging our staff members to learn and hone their skills to increase their value to the organization and our clients. The senior leadership team feels a responsibility to promote their success and foster opportunities for those who demonstrate the desire to learn.

  • Commitment – Every employee of Taylor & Fenn is wholeheartedly committed to upholding these values and providing quality work to our clients. This commitment can easily be seen in the quality of our work and the growth of our company over eight generations of family-owned management.

At Taylor & Fenn, we know that each piece we produce for our clients will become a part of a greater whole. The path to building excellent equipment begins with casting flawless components. To ensure the highest quality parts and equipment for your machinery, trust the ferrous sand casting experts at the Taylor & Fenn Company.

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