Ball and Roller Bearing Plates


Plate Types and Materials

Our foundry is fully equipped to provide ferrous sand casting services of rill plates, grinding plates, and lapping plates in over 100 grades of iron and steel, including:

    • Gray Iron
      • Low Cost
      • Easy to Grind
      • Dampens Vibration
    • Ductile Iron
      • Enhanced Ductility
      • High-Impact Resistance
      • Low Thermal Conductivity
    • Cast Steel
      • Highly Resistant to Wear
      • High Resistance to Corrosion
      • Easily Customized (properties can be adjusted to meet application needs via carbon composition)
    • Custom proprietary alloys, upon request
      • Custom alloys can be tailored to meet application needs
      • Alloy consultations are carried out by trained metallurgists

The Taylor & Fenn Company promises to meet the material specifications and requirements for all types of bearing manufacturing plates based on the final application. Inferior or unsuitable materials can incur costly equipment failure or repairs. With support from trained metallurgists and NDT experts who guarantee the quality of each casted part, we prioritize the creation of defect-free, reliable products.

Fast Delivery for All Plate Types

All of our castings are made with green sand and chemically bonded sand in flaskless, no-bake moldings. Customers can provide their own patterns or our engineers can provide custom, in-house patterns designed from your specifications. Additional services such as heat treatments and in-depth x-ray inspection of completed castings are also available upon request.

To find out more about our rill plate, grinding plate, and lapping plate sand casting services, contact us today.


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