Engines, Turbines & Compressors

The Taylor & Fenn Company provides fast, reliable ferrous sand casting services for engines, turbines, and compressors. Power generation is a crucial part of any mechanical system. When assembled and installed, these components must endure challenging environments and operating conditions without failing.

Our diverse staff of metallurgical experts, molders, melters, pourers, and quality technicians uses its technical expertise and close coordination with customers to consistently produce high-quality parts. Customers can provide casting patterns or patterns can be produced in-house based on customer specifications. We are able to work with more than 100 different grades of iron and steel, including specialty alloys if requested. Our services set the industry standard for rapid turnaround with delivery in five weeks.

Engine, Turbine, and Compressor Applications

The Taylor & Fenn Company ensures that the material specifications and requirements for each component are met based on the final application. Low-quality materials or unseen flaws created during poor casting processes can create faults, which may lead to costly equipment failure or repairs. Our priority is to ensure that your parts are flawlessly cast from the very beginning, with support from trained metallurgists and NDT experts to guarantee the quality of each casted part.

Our team has experience casting turbine, engine, and compressor components in a wide variety of materials and sizes. A spacious foundry gives us the ability to accommodate molds for parts as small as 1 pound or as large as 6,000 pounds. We have the ability to sand cast components for engines, turbines, and compressors for virtually any application, including:


  • Auxiliary power generation
  • High bypass turbofan engines
  • Marine power generation
  • Mechanical drives
  • Steam turbines

High-Quality Sand Casting Services for Iron and Steel Components

With more than 180 years of experience in ferrous sand casting of complex, industrial components, our team is fully prepared to deliver high-quality components for every order. To find out more about sand casting services for turbines, engines, and compressors, contact us today.

Ferrous Sand Casting Services for Engines, Turbines & Compressors