Chemical Manufacturing

sand casting chemical production equipmentThe Taylor & Fenn company provides high-quality ferrous sand casting of iron and steel components for industrial chemical manufacturing equipment.

Chemical manufacturing describes the process of utilizing chemical reactions and refining methods to produce an array of solid, liquid and gaseous materials. These materials can be used to manufacture a vast number of goods—from household solvents, pesticides, and cleaners, to industrial materials such as petrochemicals, polymers, explosives and more.

High-Quality Sand Casting in Five Weeks 

Chemical production processes typically take place in specialized vessels that have been designed to resist the potentially corrosive effects of the chemical reactions. In many cases, extreme temperatures and pressures are required to achieve the desired result. At the Taylor & Fenn Company, our priority is providing you with high-quality components that can reliably withstand the demanding manufacturing environments of your application.

We set the industry standard for fast delivery, providing customers with parts in as little as five weeks. Our team will work collaboratively with you to ensure the best possible results. Trained metallurgists are on-hand to provide material advice that can improve yield, increase heat transfer, and maximize product quality.


Covering an Array of Chemical Manufacturing Applications

The team at the Taylor & Fenn Company has worked with customers in a variety of chemical manufacturing industries, including pesticide and agricultural chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical chemical manufacturing, synthetic rubber manufacturing, and basic chemical manufacturing.

We are able to work with more than 100 grades of iron and steel, and our spacious shop floor gives us the ability to cast large parts up to 6,000 lbs. Customers can provide their own molds and drawings or our team of experts can provide new ones. Some chemical manufacturing components we have experience producing include:   

  • Industrial Mixers
  • Pipes, pumps & valves 
  • Storage tanks
  • Mixing machine agitators & baffles
  • Steel reactors
  • Heat exchangers

For more information about sand cast components for the chemical manufacturing industry, contact the experts at The Taylor & Fenn Company, today

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