Food Processing

sand casting food processing equipmentThe food processing industry includes a wide range of advanced manufacturing equipment designed to handle, process, and package consumable products. From frozen meats and dairy products to fresh fruits and vegetables, food processing systems are highly specialized to suit the handling requirements of the specific product being processed.

Equipment & Components for Industrial Food Processing

Each facet of the food processing industry comes with its own unique set of environmental and material challenges. Industrial food manufacturing equipment can be subjected to extreme temperatures for freezing and cooking processes; exposure to potentially caustic chemicals during sanitization and cleaning; heavy vibrational or impact forces, and more.

Most manufacturers choose to use stainless steel to produce their equipment, as it has a high resistance to corrosion, extreme temperatures and physical impact. Examples of industrial food processing equipment include:


  • Industrial Pasta Machines
  • Pulverizing / Milling Equipment
  • Freezers
  • Ovens
  • Drying & Coating Equipment
  • Processing & Storage Vessels
  • Pressure Cookers
  • Pasteurizing Equipment
  • Mixing Machines
  • Extruders

The Taylor & Fenn Company is able to produce iron and steel castings for virtually any food processing system. Our team includes a highly trained staff of molders, pourers and metallurgical experts who can ensure the consistency and quality of each part we produce. Customers can provide existing casting patterns where applicable, or we can produce in-house patterns based on your specifications. We work with over 100 different grades of iron & steel, including 316 and 304 stainless steel.

High-Quality Casting of Iron & Steel


At Taylor & Fenn, we understand how important it is for your equipment components to meet quality and safety standards. Our team will work closely with your engineers to make sure we deliver components that meet your exact requirements. Poor materials or flawed castings can create miniscule faults, which could lead to equipment failure and costly repairs. Our number one priority is to produce flawlessly cast products and we utilize a team of trained metallurgists and NDT experts to guarantee the quality of each casted part.

For more information about ferrous sand casting of industrial food processing equipment, contact us today.

Ferrous Sand Casting Services for Food Processing Equipment