Agricultural Equipment

Ferrous Sand Castings for Agricultural Equipment

sand cast agricultural equipmentAt the Taylor & Fenn Company in Windsor, Connecticut we have been producing high-quality steel and iron sand castings since 1834. We offer a range of services in ferrous sand castings for agricultural equipment, including casting housings and components for compressors, engines, turbines, and other types of farming machinery. Learn more about how our experienced, reliable foundry can improve your product line with premium cast components for your agricultural business.

From pattern design to choosing the right material from our vast selection of iron, steel, and specialty alloys, our staff guides the entire process with proficiency. We have extensive experience with metallurgy in the areas of molding, melting, and pouring for products ranging from high-volume orders to large-scale components. Save time and gain efficiency by managing all of your agricultural equipment casting at Taylor & Fenn.

Agricultural Equipment Casting Applications 

In the agricultural sector, the Taylor & Fenn Company works with a wide variety of customers. This includes farm implement and machine manufacturers, as well as large-scale farming operations that require proprietary equipment. For industrialized equipment, such as harvesters, threshers, seeders, or irrigation systems, we have the capacity to cast up to 6,000-lb parts. As such, we are able to complete large-sized projects in our factory under premium working conditions. During the ferrous sand casting application, everything remains in pristine conditions to protect against rust and other issues in the metallurgical process.

Maintaining Compliance in the Agricultural Industry

two men casting large metal components for farm equipment productionTaylor & Fenn regularly works with clients in niches of the agricultural industry, such as chemical manufacturing of fertilizers. Therefore, we understand the scope and importance of following and maintaining Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines for any applicable equipment. Our metallurgical experts are available to help you select the optimal material for your application. This can save you time and energy, as well as money on consultations, as we are able to meet your material and design requirements to ensure safe and compliant equipment components.

Choose Ferrous Sand Casting for Agricultural Equipment Components

Taylor & Fenn has experience across a broad spectrum of manufacturing components. If you are interested in using a proprietary drawing or prototype, or using an in-house design, we are ready to work with you. Our team has produced storage tanks, industrial mixers, heat exchangers, and more with unsurpassed quality and reliability. Contact Taylor & Fenn to request a quote for your agricultural equipment today.