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sand casting mining equipmentFerrous Sand Casting Mining Industry Equipment


The Taylor & Fenn Company provides fast, high-quality ferrous sand casting of iron and steel components for mining industry equipment. Our services set the industry standard for fast product turnaround within five weeks for iron and steel.


Our team of expert pourers, molders and metallurgists have years of experience working consistently with customers to apply technical material and process expertise to guarantee reliable results every time.

Mining Industry Equipment Applications And Materials


The team at the Taylor & Fenn Company is dedicated to providing our customers with high integrity parts that will last. We have the ability to work with more than 100 different grades of iron and steel, including specialty metals such as Ni-Hard and high chrome ions. For mining industry equipment, abrasion resistant cast irons are a common choice. Our molders and pourers are familiar with many alloys that meet the ASTM A 532 standard and can work with all grades. If required, we have trained metallurgists on staff who can help determine the right material to suit the unique needs of your application.

We perform all of our sand casting at our spacious foundry facility in Connecticut. Our team is experienced in producing a wide range of complex or custom components, including floor molds up to 6,000 pounds. Examples of mining equipment our team has produced includes:

  • Slurry pumps
  • Crushing mills
  • Aggregate mills
  • Reclaimers
  • Pellet Conveyors


For High-Quality, Sand-Casted Components, Trust the Experts

To learn more about ferrous sand casting services for mining industry equipment, contact the experts at the Taylor & Fenn Company today.

Ferrous Sand Casting Services for Mining Industry Equipment