Non-destructive Testing

At the Taylor & Fenn Company, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, custom metal castings for their unique components. As part of that commitment, we have cultivated and maintained relationships with NDT experts able to perform a variety of non-destructive testing on component metallurgy.

Quality Assurance with NDT from the Metallurgy Experts

There are many non-destructive tests that can be performed on iron and steel components. Our foundry has the ability to send any component for NDT at customer request. This streamlines the production process for our clients, as they do not need to source these services themselves. Currently, we have the ability to send finished metal castings to a variety of non-destructive testing experts with the capability to perform several different types of NDT. Customers can specify which kind of NDT they would like when they place their order.

Currently we have access to the following non-destructive test types:


A visual inspection is performed by a trained specialist, who uses sensory enhancing equipment (such as stethoscopes, magnifiers, and dental picks) to check the component for defects.


Also referred to as Industrial Radiography, this type of NDT uses x-rays or gamma rays to verify the internal structural integrity of a metal component.

Magnetic Particle*

This method of NDT uses a magnetic field to check components made of ferromagnetic materials (such as iron) for surface/subsurface flaws and irregularities.

Dye Penetrant*

One of the most commonly used and inexpensive forms of NDT, this method uses a dye to expose casting, forging, or welding defects such as hairline cracks, fatigue cracks, or surface porosity.

Ultrasonic Testing

In this form of NDT, short, ultrasonic pulse waves with center frequencies are used to detect internal flaws. It is often performed on steel components.

*Personnel Qualified to SNT-TC-1A


If a non-destructive test is performed and a flaw is detected, we will work with the client to solve the problem. For steel components, it is possible to repair certain types of defects. Depending on the severity of the issue, our team of metallurgy experts will perform repairs, rework the casting process, or otherwise determine a solution.

We are committed to providing high-quality metal castings. Non-destructive testing services help ensure each piece is free of defects and able to achieve its maximum expected lifespan.

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