Machining & Capital Equipment

Ferrous Sand Casting for the Machining and Capital Equipment Industry  


engineer inspecting blue and red cast components in a capital equipment systemTaylor & Fenn is committed to supplying the commercial equipment sectors with the highest quality casting for machining and capital equipment. For the machining and capital equipment industries, metal components must perform in high-test environments without compromising integrity. This includes ferrous sand casting for steel and iron parts used in the production of capital equipment and tooling. Discover the difference of our sand cast components for the manufacturing sector.


Ferrous Sand Casting Benefits

Ferrous sand casting provides for more value for welding and metal cutting equipment in terms of long-lasting protection. Through sand casting iron, steel, and other metals used in constructing machining and capital equipment, the finished product is better protected. In addition, the application of ferrous sand casting via our trained professional metallurgists offers an array of benefits including:grinding cast tooling for capital equipment production

  • Improved yield
  • Increased heat transfer capabilities
  • Maximum product quality

Our service features fast delivery according to the following schedules:

  • Four weeks for ferrous sand casting on iron
  • Five weeks for ferrous sand casting on steel
  • Expedited delivery available for sand cast machining equipment

From the ideation and design phase all the way through to product delivery, Taylor & Fenn has the team in place to manage your entire project. This involves a collaborative effort of quality technicians, a production control team, melters, pourers, and welders. Our experts offer a total in-house service that comes backed by 180 years of industry experience.


Choosing the Right Machining and Tooling Equipment Component Foundry

Whether it is sand cast components for high bypass turbofan engines, auxiliary power generation, or storage tanks, we have the solution. Let us supply iron and steel fabricated machining and capital equipment sand-cast on projects ranging up to 6,000 pounds. This includes a selection of more than 100 grades of metal for fabrication on-site to provide a more economical choice for our customers.

Our customer base ranges from small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) to enterprise size corporations. Whether a customer has their own molds and sketches for machining equipment, or they are in need of a custom-made capital equipment design, we offer a viable solution.


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Join a growing community of OEMs that have benefitted from Taylor & Fenn’s decades of industry experience. Our mission is to construct the highest quality metal cutting, welding, and machine tool and die equipment for OEMs. Protect your investment by going with the best in the business to ensure your machining equipment supports the tasks in demand by the machining and capital equipment industry.

To get started with a ferrous sand casting project for your company or client, contact Taylor & Fenn today.