Building & Construction Equipment

The Taylor & Fenn Company is able to produce a wide variety of equipment for the building and construction industry. From large, industrial units; to smaller, more complex pieces, we have the capability to cast quality parts for your construction application.

Sand Casting Services for Iron and Steel Construction Equipment


The building & construction industry includes an array of industrial machines, tools, and equipment that are used to build and develop largescale projects such as buildings, stadiums and more. These can include large units such as power generators for skyscrapers and large buildings, as well as smaller pieces such as drive pulleys, sprockets, shivs, and pulleys.

Our team of molders and pourers have decades of experience creating specialized molds for a variety of components across multiple industries. A spacious shop floor gives us the means to produce floor molds as large as 6,000 pounds. We are able to work with more than 100 different grades of iron and steel and our team of experience metallurgists is always available to provide design feedback and material suggestions if needed. 

Consistent Quality and Reliable Customer Service

The Taylor & Fenn Company works consistently with customers to apply technical materials and process expertise to manufacture high-quality parts. We are dedicated to providing our customers with fast, reliable service that produces high integrity components for the best results. For more information about ferrous sand casting services for the building and construction industry, contact us today.

Ferrous Sand Casting Services for Building & Construction Equipment