As one of the most advanced naval forces in the world, the equipment used by our armed forces must always meet the highest possible standards of quality. We at the Taylor & Fenn Company are proud to manufacture components for electric motors aboard some of the nation’s most cutting-edge ships.

Our customers include some of the most prominent equipment manufacturers providing parts and machinery for commercial and naval applications. One such customer frequently trusts our team of expert pourers, casters and metallurgists to produce components for electric motors specifically designed to operate on nuclear sub surface ships and aircraft carriers.

Reliable, High-Quality Sand Casting of Iron & Steel Electric Motor Components

Nuclear powered vessels rely on specialized electric motors to utilize the electricity generated by the vessel’s nuclear reactor. These motors require precise, high-quality components to function at their highest level in operating conditions that can be incredibly challenging to withstand. They must also run silently so that ships—particularly sub surface ships—can remain undetected at sea. To achieve this, each component must meet very exacting standards for quality, corrosion resistance, and durability.

The Taylor & Fenn Company casts a variety of parts for use in Navy ships, including bearing housings, electric motor end caps, stator frames, conduit boxes, and more. Our experienced metallurgists ensure that each component is produced using high-quality materials that will withstand the operating conditions aboard the vessel to maximize their life expectancy and minimize downtime for maintenance. Preventing flaws during the pouring and casting of each part is imperative. A single, small defect could culminate in expensive repairs or critical equipment failure down the line. Therefore, our team engages all of their knowledge and experience to ensure that each component is casted flawlessly.

Working with our customer to produce electric motor components that will help power the nation’s most advanced naval vessels has been an excellent opportunity to utilize our services to support the men and women of our nation’s military. At Taylor & Fenn Company, we want to ensure that the members of our military have the best possible equipment, and we took it upon ourselves to rise to the challenge of producing components that would meet the stringent requirements this application demands.

The customer has worked with our team for many years and is continuously pleased with the quality of the components we deliver. At Taylor & Fenn Company, we are always happy to support the armed forces in any way that we can, and we look forward to continuing to supply them with high-quality components in the future.  

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