At the Taylor & Fenn Company, we have years of experience producing components for compressors. One of our customers is an OEM producing compressors for the oil & gas industry that has been operating for more than 100 years. For much of that time, they have trusted us to produce quality, sand cast components for their compressor equipment. Indeed, many of the orders we fulfill for this customer are replacement parts for equipment that has been operating reliably in the field for decades.

High-Quality Casting of Iron and Steel Compressor Components

Working with an established company that has been producing equipment for so many years can be a challenge. Often times, our team must decipher antiquated part drawings with incorrect dimensions, faded print, or poorly copied instructions. Using their knowledge and experience sand casting typical compressor components, the team is always able to interpret shop drawings perfectly, so our customers get the best possible product every time.

The Taylor & Fenn Company produces a variety of compressor components such as stop plates, cover valves, cross-head, crab valves, and guard valves. Compressors are a vital part of the distribution, exploration and refining processes for the oil & gas industry, and the expert molders, pourers, welders and metallurgists at the Taylor & Fenn Company are dedicated to producing high-quality parts every time. For this particular client, with so many of their orders serving as replacement parts for existing equipment, it is vital that the pieces we produce will perform with the same durability and reliability as the originals. Once the parts are molded and cast, they go through a simple grinding process to remove excess flashing and smooth the surface.

The customer has always been pleased with the results of working with our team and have trusted the Taylor & Fenn Company to reliably produce high-quality compressor components with every order. To find out more about sand casting compressor equipment for the oil & gas industry, contact us today.