The Taylor & Fenn Company has years of experience producing ferrous sand-casted components for chemical manufacturing equipment in a variety of industries. Recently, we were approached by an OEM that specialized in producing chemical processing systems for the agricultural industry. They were looking for sand casting services to complete a series of parts.

High-Quality Casting of Iron and Steel Chemical Production System Components

The needs and requirements of chemical production systems can vary depending on the processing methods and chemical properties of the substance being produced. Chemical production processes can expose equipment to potentially corrosive chemical reactions. In many processing systems, extreme temperatures and pressures are required to achieve the desired result.

The Taylor & Fenn Company is capable of producing custom components for many applications in chemical manufacturing systems. This particular customer covered a required a variety of system components including several valves, pumps, and agitators in stainless steel.

The customer provided their own molds and drawings for the team to work with. Our expert team of metallurgists provided design engineering support to ensure the material chosen for the parts would provide the corrosion and temperature resistance required for longterm operation. To ensure the quality of each part, The Taylor & Fenn Company is able to send finished castings to a variety of non-destructive-testing (NDT) experts. For this order, the customer requested ultrasonic NDT testing, which the components passed with no issue.

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