WINDSOR, CT, February 2017—The Taylor & Fenn Company, a provider of ferrous sand castings of iron and steel components, has launched a new and improved website. Operating since 1834, the Taylor & Fenn Company has a long history of high-quality service and persistent progress. Its philosophy of continuous improvement has driven the company’s sustained success and is the inspiration behind the brand-new website.

“We wanted to ensure our customers would be able to communicate with us and learn about our services on a platform that was convenient and familiar,” says President and CEO Brian Butler. “The new website enables us to connect with clients online and accommodate the way our clients do business in a digital age.”

The Taylor & Fenn Company is one of the most highly recommended ferrous sand casting service providers among OEMs in a wide variety of industries. They set the standard for delivery lead times, with four weeks for iron components and five weeks for steel components. Currently, the company is equipped to produce components as heavy as 6,000 pounds. They offer a wide selection of over 100 different grades of iron and steel, including specialty metals upon request.

With the new-and-improved website, customers are able to easily request a quote for potential orders and receive a faster response directly via email. Customers will also be able to access helpful resources, unique case studies, and more.

Read the press release here.