The Taylor & Fenn Company produces a wide variety of ferrous sand-casted pump components for virtually any industrial application. Many of our customers have been with us for decades because they know they can trust the quality and reliability of the parts we produce. One such client manufactures pumps for oil, gas, and industrial coolant systems. We cast several of their pump components, including valves for their industrial pumps.

High-Quality Casting of Materials Sourced from the USA

Like many pump components intended for commercial or industrial use, the end user specified that the customer use only certified, domestic castings for these valves. In other words, the parts must be made from materials sourced in the USA and casted by foundries located in the USA as well. There are many reasons why companies may make this specification. For instance, the installation site could be government funded, or the end user could be trying to eliminate the risk of receiving faulty parts from countries with less-stringent quality-control regulations.

The customer approached the Taylor & Fenn Company because we are an American owned and operated foundry that has been producing high quality sand castings since 1834. We casted this part from 1030 carbon steel sourced from North American suppliers. The customer provided patterns for the valves, however, our experts on the foundry floor are able to produce or troubleshoot patterns if needed. Once the parts are molded, the flashing is removed. The valves are then put through a heat treatment to increase material strength and corrosion resistance.

In industrial applications, ensuring the quality of each pump component is imperative to avoid mechanical failures that can have huge financial or ecological repercussions. The customer has come to the Taylor & Fenn Company for decades. For more information on ferrous sand casting of pump components, contact us today.